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Huge thanks to Colleen Corcoran and Gregory Coats for redesigning, rebuilding and revamping my website!
They did a great job, great ideas, simple design, and so patient with my own fuzziness regarding where all my work is.
For this first blog, I’d like to point you all to an amazing website, Urban Carnivores – Welcome! Here you can learn so much about the very wild things we Los Angelenos live with, including the very brave, very cunning mountain lion (P22) who has lived in Los Angeles Griffith Park for over a year now, largely undetected except by the rangers that are tracking him. Takashi Homma, Aya Muto and I recently got to go and explore with Miguel Ordenana,  one of the leaders of the Griffith Park Connectivity Study, monitoring medium- and large-bodied mammals with camera traps in the park – he set up the camera that first noticed the lion had made it (across the 405 and the 101 freeways) into the park. We even found one of his tracks!
Thanks for coming!